Onboarding EduViewz

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Onboarding EduViewz

Verfasst am 23 Januar 2023

 (for Dutch see below)

These weeks are all about the ‚onboarding‘ of a new customer for EduViewz. How do we approach that, onboarding such a customer? A glimpse…

Before an educational institution can actually use EduViewz, some things have to be aligned. We call this alignment the ‚onboarding‚.

Processes and people

First of all, we look at the processes and users together with the customer. How are the systems, such as the timetable system and the student information system, used? How are they furnished? And what insights and steering information is desired based on the available data?

Once this is clear, the corresponding EduViewz dashboards will be activated, and we will discuss with the customer which source information is visible on the relevant dashboards. We go through wishes, such as the use of certain terminology, together with the educational institution and together we decide to what extent this will be processed in EduViewz.

Interfaces with systems

Both the technology and the functional operation of the interfaces are discussed and the expectations and commitments are recorded. Which fields do we read? And how often? Should the data be read in ‚raw‘, or should EduViewz still apply changes to it?

Once that has been discussed, we set up the link so that we are able to read in data.


The end users receive login details to be able to log in to EduViewz, and EduViewz receives access to source systems such as the schedule packer from the educational institution.


We take on the above activities on a project basis. In this way we keep a good overview and we can make quick adjustments if necessary. But the most important thing is that we communicate with the customer on a weekly basis about the progress of both parties. This way we are not faced with any surprises and EduViewz can be used quickly.

Would you like to know more about how EduViewz can be implemented? Let us know, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you!

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